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In the year 2030, to combat over population the government has revoked the reproductive rights of ordinary citizens and does not allow them to marry or have children with whoever they want. Instead, the government decides what partners can procreate based on their genetic compatibility. The rules are strictly enforced, with extramarital sex, infidelity, homosexuality and lesbianism all being punishable by death. Alina and her match (her husband) arrive at their friend Aidra and her husbands’ house for a weekend getaway. The first night as Alina’s husband makes sexual advances on her she brushes him off saying she’s not in the mood. It’s obvious that she’s not interested in him, but there’s not much she can do. While talking with Aidra the next morning she mentions that Dan tried to have sex with her again last night and she’s running out of excuses. Aidra then says that the same thing happened with Alan before leaning in and asking Alina is she’s ever thought about having sex with a girl. Alina responds that that’s illegal, they could get in a lot of trouble as Aidra starts backtracking on her comment. Out of nowhere, Alina pushes Aidra against the refrigerator and passionately kisses her. That night, Aidra wakes Alina up while her husband is still asleep in bed with her and starts making out with her again. They both know this is wrong and could get them in serious trouble, but the passion between Alina and Aidra can’t be contained any longer.

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