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In the year 2040 sex workers have been replaced with artificial intelligence sexbots that can be programmed exactly however the client wants them to be. The client picks the outfits, the behavior settings, and even the location to make their experience as perfect as possible. After confirming that the sexbot doesn’t have any hardware issues and has been properly sanitized since her last client, Tiffany is sent to meet her newest client Abigail. When Abigail enters the room is completely dark so we can only see her and her sexbot Tiffany. She checks out Tiffanys perfect ass then spins her around to see her amazing breasts before noticing her face and recoiling in shock. Tiffany’s AI notices the change and puts her into customer support mode to try to fix any issues. Tiffany changes the setting and her outfit to more of a teen theme to see if that works, but it doesn’t, Abigail breakdown crying. They move to a more natural setting which pleases Abigail and you can tell she is more relaxed. She tells Tiffany what’s been bothering her, it’s that Tiffany looks just like her sister who passed away. Tiffany’s AI processes these feelings and determines that Abigail needs a different bot that has sophisticated programming in human psychology and initiates the up-sell protocol. Abigail declines a replacement bot, she doesn’t want Tiffany to leave, so Tiffany’s AI gives her the go ahead to move forward with her work. After finding out that Abigail had sexual feelings for her sister, Tiffany put her arm on Abigails leg and says “I can please you better than your sister ever could” and leans in for a kiss.

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